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Tim Justice - Director

Architect Tim is our Sport Billy, well he likes to think so. Highly experienced with a long history of designing a variety of schemes from £100million down to simple bespoke extensions his architectural achievements far outweigh his sporting ones. A number of his schemes have received awards which in comparison to an Over 35’s runner-up medal indicate why he is best advised to stick with his chosen profession. He is however a qualified teacher and ski Instructor, so there are options if he’s ever that desperate!!

Peter Noble - Director

Peter is a bit of a multi-tasker. He can model a multi apartment block from a sales brochure at lightning speed, whilst drawing construction drawings, making a round of teas and answering the phone all at the same time! He’s a wonderful eye for design and detail and has recently realised every architects dream by building (literally) his own house. True to form he was doing this whilst playing with his two energetic young boys – don’t worry they all had hard hats and high viz jackets on!!

Mark Hobbs - Director

Director Mark is our technical guru, not something you’d traditionally associate with a thrash metal enthusiast, but his experience and eye for detail is unrivalled. His relaxed pragmatic outlook makes him the perfect facilitator and he has built a renowned reputation which extends across the region for building relationships and bring the right people together. This together with his strong team ethos and can do attitude decision making simple for our clients.

Stuart Young - Director

Director Stuart doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet, which is surprising given that he’s a multi-instrumentalist with particular experience in local brass bands. Stuart is our highly experienced elder statesman and another award-winner who specialises in interior architecture with a wealth of experience in the licensed leisure sector as well as general conservation work and office interiors. He’s also our qualified Principal Designer and as such can cater for all your CDM-related needs.

David Wright - BIM Manager

Dave is our enthusiastic young IT expert. He’s hardly green though having spent 6 years on building sites before embarking on his architectural career which gave him invaluable knowledge about the detailing and the construction process. He’s more than just a safe pair of hands in all respects, which is pretty essential given the amount of time he spends grasping on to the handlebars of his motorbikes!

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